Why should I use beard oil or beard balm?
As your beard hair grows longer the natural oil produced will not be able to keep up with increased need. This is why the skin under your beard becomes dry and itchy. Beard oils and balms are meant to supplement this oil production and moisturize the skin under the beard as well as the hair itself. They also improve hair health through ingredients such as Vitamin E. Different oils and balms will have different benefits, but almost all oils will remove the itchiness, dry skin, improve hair shine, and make beard hair less coarse and softer to the touch.

What's your refund policy?
We have a 100% rock solid money back guarantee. We believe we have the best products on the market period and if you disagree for any reason after trying them we want to give you your money back. We truly are a brotherhood and we promise to take care of our brothers no matter what.

Is this site a scam?
Absolutely not. Serving our customers is our highest priority. Head on over to our community page known as The Sanctuary on facebook and you'll see mountains of happy customers at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/beardcult/
We know that things can happen in the mail or maybe someone puts in the wrong order. We are going to do everything humanly possible to fix the problem.

How do I use beard oil or beard balm?
Place the oil or balm in the palm of your hand. Then rub your hands together until the product is evenly spread and as liquid as possible (known as emulsifying). At this point you'll want to rub the skin underneath your beard hair with your finger tips and ran your palms across the beard in all directions. You want to make the product into your skin and hair in a similar fashion as you would with conditioner on top of your head.

How much beard oil or beard balm should I use?
Generally with beard balm you'll want to use the back of your nail to scape some balm out of the container. With beard oil you'll want to put a few drops of oil on your palm. The size of your beard will determine how much you need, but for the average beard you'll want a little less than the size of your thumbnail in balm or about 4-8 drops of beard oil.

Will beard oil help my beard grow?
Generally beard oil is meant to make your beard as healthy and comfortable as possible. Because healthy hair is less prone to breakage you might see a small increase in "growth rate" since fewer hairs will be breaking off during the growing process. If you really want a product that helps with beard growth in a natural way you should check out our Sacred Growth Elixir.

My beard is patchy. What should I do?
Almost all beards have bald patches. There are exceptions, but chances are if you look at a man with a glorious long beard it would look patchy if he trimmed it to near stubble. The key is not to trim facial hair as it's growing out. The hair above bald spots will begin to cover them as it grows down and in many cases bald spots aren't truly bald, but have slow growing hair so not trimming allows a chance for that area to better fill in. You can also apply our Sacred Growth Elixir to help with the growth process.