Caring For Your New Beard

You very rarely are taught the proper way to care for your facial hair. And never has it been viewed as mandatory. Though it should be.

If society did decide to educate you on the steps to having flourishing facial growth, this is what they would have taught you. 

1. Be sure to remain active: Exercising causes you to burn calories and elevates your body temperature, and in doing so makes you sweat. Sweating will unclog your pores and make it much easier for your hair to flourish and new hairs to grow. 

Also, exercise increases your testosterone levels and blood flow to your muscles and skin; this will carry nutrients to nourish your hair.

2. Eat healthier foods: Diet has a massive effect of the way your body functions and performs.
It's imperative that you eat healthy, balanced meals to ensure that your hair grows better, faster, stronger.

Fruits, nuts, and other foods high in protein and vitamins help boost your immune system to ensure that your hair grows faster and stronger. 

Eat your greens as well. They too are high in Vitamin A. This will help maintain your follicles for the best possible growth. 

3. Use photos to keep track of your progress: Photos will keep you inspired and further motivate you as you go through those awkward stages of growth.  You can also go so far as to keep a photo of where you would like to be a reference. Combining the two will allow you to see precisely how close you’re coming to hitting your goal length and style.

4. If you’re unsure, don’t cut it, and keep growing: What I hear the most frequently are cries of men stating that they ruined their beard by trimming it wrong, or too much. 

I recommend that you let it grow for 2-3 months before you even think about trimming it. This will give you time to see how it’s growing, and allow it to cover any thin or bald patches on your face.  (We all have them, brother. Do not worry)

5. Use a sacred beard oil: If you are going to make it a habit to do one thing daily, make it using beard oil. It feels like the gods have personally touched your beard and skin with the holy trinity, blessing all that come in contact with it. 

It softens your hairs and keeps your skin healthy in order to support new growth.  As well as getting rid of dandruff and beard flakes. It moisturizes your skin and strengthens your follicles. 

Not sure which one to get? Go forth and check out our Cult of Beard Oil—not to boast, but it’s truly the best beard oil available. 

6. Keep your beard and mustache clean: Your beard should not smell like the scorn of a thousand curses!  Your best bet is to use a beard wash. 
Normal soaps and shampoos are far too harsh and will quickly dry out your skin and hair. This will block your pores and halt your new growth. 

You only want to wash it once, maybe twice a week, unless you need to clean out the blood of your enemies that day. That is excusable… I suppose. 

You want to give it enough time between washed to create its natural oils and absorb the beard oils you apply. This is necessary to keep your beard healthy.

7. Do NOT cut below your neckline: Where is your neckline you ask? Have you not seen it before, brother?

When you are ready to clean up your neckline and remove those pesky neck hairs, do as follows:

Hold your hands out in front of you as if you are pushing against the shield of an enemy soldier trying to rob you of your riches. (This would look like you are waving with both hands)

Lower your thumbs as if to make an “L” shape and the mirrored image of that with your other hand. Bring your hands to your face, frame your jaw with your index fingers against where your sideburns reside, and your thumbs under your chin. 

The hairs above your thumbs stay put, while the hair below your thumbs must go. 

In other words, your neckline rests just above your Adam ’s apple, and not at the edge of your chin. Follow your sideburns to create a proper curve. Alas! There is your neckline, brother! You’ve done it!

8. Consider your wardrobe: A beard with a poor choice of clothing will make your look a bit shabby. Although a cloak is not always considered presentable there are other options. 

A nice beard with a good sense of style will make any man the victor in comparison to those around him. If your beard is in a strange stage of growth try wearing more presentable clothing in order to draw attention from your blooming beard. 

9: Tend to your hair as well: Your beard will not always do as you say. We are all cursed with the occasional “bad beard day”. You will need a lot of self-control for your beard in order to survive these days.

If you wake up and feel that your beard is an eye-sore don’t run to your barber. As a matter of fact, yes, run to your barber, but tell him to cut your hair and not to touch your beard. 

Cleaning up your hair with a new style will allow you to see what exactly is happening with your beard. You may find that your beard was not the problem at all.

10. Join the sanctuary: The best way to do anything is the surround yourself with the proper group of brothers to help you do that. The same goes for your beard.

Join a community of fellow unshaven brothers. You’ll find answers to your questions, receive moral support, and keep your motivation to reach your goals.

Check out the Cult of Beard Sanctuary on Facebook. We’re a tightly bonded community of unshaven brothers, established in the last years during the dawn of the unshaven.  

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With respect and wishes for exponential growth,

-The Brotherhood