Beard Trimming Basics

Today I would like to take you through the basics of trimming your beard. 

Start by making holding your shears at the length that you want your beard to be, then cut a little bit below that. This will give you a bit of room to even it out and shape it. 

You are going to want to comb it out and brush it out many times along the duration of your trim. This will knock off any loose or cut hairs, as well as allow you to see what point of the trim you are at. 

Follow your jawline while keeping the same length you set at the beginning of your cut. And do not worry if you went a little too short in one area, or had to in order to shape it properly; your beard will grow back. 

Beards generally grow at the pace of about ½ inch per month, so it may take some time, but it will return. 

As I stated previously: DO NOT cut below your neckline: Where is your neckline you ask? Have you not seen it before, brother?

When you are ready to clean up your neckline and remove those pesky neck hairs, do as is follows:

Hold your hands out in front of you as if you are pushing against the shield of an enemy soldier trying to rob you of your riches. (This would look like you are waving with both hands)

Lower your thumbs as if to make an “L” shape and the mirrored image of that with your other hand. Bring your hands to your face, frame your jaw with your index fingers against where your sideburns reside, and your thumbs under your chin. 

The hairs above your thumbs stay put, while the hair below your thumbs must go. 

In other words, your neckline rests just above your Adam’s apple, and not at the edge of your chin. Follow your sideburns to create a proper curve.

Necklines often turn into jawlines, and it tends to look rather… strange. So heed my advice and make a straight cut in the proper place.

Your mustache should be cut in a way that represents you and your individual style. I will not tell you how to cut it, but I will tell you to leave it longer than you think it needs to be while trimming—you will thank me after. 

We will speak again soon,
-The Brotherhood