Beard Comb VS Beard Brush

Using a Brush vs. using a Comb.  In the early stages of growing your beard the coarseness of a beard brush will allow you to manipulate the hairs and get them to sit how you want them. The comb will not allow you to do this as it doesn’t grab the hairs and push them in the direction you wish

A comb is great for a longer/thicker beard. It’s easier to get the look you want with a comb only when your beard is fuller as it has more to work with. The brush will still allow you to push the hairs in the direction you need, but may not be able to get through the thick exterior as your beard grows. 

The brush is also great for helping you spread your beard oil through your beard and reach the root and skin underneath, where your hands may not be able to coat each hair equally. 

Now to groom your beard with a little more prep time available.  When you exit the shower you’ll want to pat dry your beard until it’s just damp, and not wet.  Grab your balm or oil and apply it to your beard in all directions, making sure to apply it to the skin and base of your hair.

If your beard is a bit longer don’t be afraid to use a blow dryer to style your beard the way you see fit. Blow dry your beard in all directions, after you apply your balm or oil, to make sure it is dried thoroughly. 

Then while you’re still blowing start to push all the hairs in the direction needed for your preferred look. The blow dryer, using cold air, will allow the balm to set a bit and keep your hairs in place more firmly. Use a small amount extra of balm to put on the finishing touches if you see fit. 

We sincerely hope this assists you in your beard styling ventures. Follow us on social media and let us know how these tips worked for you. 

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